We are providing our members with Aquaracers' Learn-to-Swim Program* as well as Competitive Swim Team Program* all year round at 4 locations (BCC at Paramus, Ridgewood Y, Ramapo College at Mahwah, B&G Club of Passaic). We are a official member of Swim Clubs under USA Swimming.

However, a lot of level 6 swimmers and their parents do not have enough information about their Post-level 6 program once swimmers have reached level 6. As a result, I have observed some swimmers have easily lost their challenges.

In past several years, we have put level 6 program on Clinic Lesson Program for their all 4 types of strokes refining combined with a few basic completion skills. However, I have concluded that they have not had enough time to be well trained when they come to practice only one day & one hour per week just like the other lower level swimmers in Learn-To-Swim Program

As a result, we are running Pre-Team Program with their efficiency and performance; Pre-team offers the best combination of team sport and individual challenge with an emphasis on basic team experience. Our focus is on skill development & Improvement, positive values, and competitive experiences. Swimmers will have the opportunity to refine the all four major and compete in two times annual dual meets (in May & June). Practices focus on time record management, endurance training, strokes improvement


  • Pre-Team Training Curriculum

  • This program offers the best combination of team sport and individual challenge with an emphasis on their all 4 types of strokes development and competitive experience
  • All Pre-Team Swimmers will compete 2 times of dual swim meet in May and June
  • Training day & times

            - School Year Season (September thru June) every Sat & Sun 5:30-7:30pm

            - School Breaks Season (Summer) every Sat & Sun 11:00am-1:00pm

  • Location:

           - Ramapo College Swimming Pool (505 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430)

           - Englewood Tryon Pool (320 Tryon Avenue, Englewood, NJ 07631)

  • Equipment: Individual own kickboard, hand paddles and mash bag


All Pre-Team Swimmers eventually have opportunity to join Aquaracers Swim Team (this program is for competitive team sports with competitive experience as an athlete) after successfully completion of Pre-Team course.

To be eligible to join Swim Team, swimmers must have at least one of strokes’ qualified to Aquaracers Swim Team's Seed times. We will select any swimmers who are qualified to Aquaracers Standard Seed times from each session’s time assessment and let them join Aquaracers Swim Team immediately if they are willing to join. Also, If any Pre-Team swimmers are qualified with their times, they will be registered as Athletes under U.S.A Swimming to compete for Aquaracers at USA Official Swim Meets

Further information is available upon your request

  • Contact

           - Coach Michael: 760-440-7946 (Office)

           - E-mail: aquaracerswimteam@gmail.com