Effective Systematic Swimming Program (Benefits and Strengths from Mix of Korean-American styles)

We are running Aquaracers' "Learn-To-Swim" Program all year round ar 3 indoor pool locations (Bergen Community College at Paramus in NJ, Ramapo College at Mahwah in NJ and HNA Conference Center at Palisades, NY). Also, we are running our Summer Program at Englewood Tryon Outdoor Pool in Summer Time

The program consists of sessions with each session lasting 9 weeks. In the 9 week program, the swimmers will be broken up into levels ranging from 1 to 6. Each level will have a specified goal in which the instructors will teach the students the skills in order to complete the goal

Each level will consist of 1 instructor to a maximum of 6~7 students. The duration of each class is 1 hour long. The instructor will provide each student with an individual customized lesson (similar to a private lesson) in which each student will receive individual attention from the instructor

Students will be evaluated on the 7th week of the program to ensure that parents will be given a two week period in which to register their child in the next level. After each evaluation, the parents of the student will have a conference with the head coach/instructor to explain what needs to be improved and answers any questions/concerns the parents may have

With the successful completion of level 6 of the program, the student will then have the opportunity to join our clubs swim team. The student, with the help of their parents, will then contact the head coach to register the student ad an athlete of USA Swimming