Aquaracers have provided our members with Group Lesson Program during School Year Season. Swimmers have attended their selected swim class (Ex: Tue 7pm at Bergen Community College) one time per week (or at most 2 times per week) due to their lots of activities after school. However, during summer season, swimmers have more opportunity to attend to improve their swim skills more intensively because kids are in vacation from their school

"Summer Swim Camp" Program has been developed and designed for either participants who were not able to attend swim lesson more than 2 times during school year or swimmers who want to develop and improve their swim skills for summer break time period with maximizing efficiency. Also, Summer swim camp program will help beginners level swimmers to learn basic water safety skills and feel comfortable in the water 

Summer 2018 Swim Camp Registration will start from today(4/21, Sat) in order of arrivals (first come first serve) due to limitation of numbers of swimmers 

Please see the attached "Summer swim Camp Information" and then submit your Re-enrollment form with payment to me either by mail / or on pool deck directly if you want to sign up

* Office address: 2160 North Central Road, Suite 205 B, Fort Lee, NJ 07024