AQRC Return-To- Pool for Summer 2020


June 24th, 2020


Dear Aquaracers Families;

I am pleased to announce that we are returning to the water from July 1st at Palisades Swim Club. I am very excited to see everyone as we prepared to return to the sports we love so much. Aquaracers Swim Club as a member club of USA Swimming and an official Lifeguard Training Provider of American Red Cross, is following up the safety guideline related to COVID-19 and preparing the facilities reopening plan that must comply with local, state and federal public health guidelines. We are working with Palisades Swim Club Facility to be sure all guidelines are followed.

Swimming pools in many parts of the United States may reopen soon. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy announced in the middle of June that pools can reopen starting Monday, June 22. State health officials released guidance for the protocols Murphy said must be followed for pools to reopen. Also, Public and private pools in NYS have now been approved to open. This information was stated by County Ex. Ed Day's during his Bi-weekly Rockland County press conference. On the other hand, neither college indoor pools (BCC & Ramapo) in NJ nor HNA indoor pool in NY announce their pool reopening plan yet

Americans can take comfort in knowing that taking a dip should pose little risk of coronavirus infection.

HealthDay News reported that, However, there could be risks at indoor pools from crowds, poor air circulation, and contaminated surfaces such as handrails, according to Ernest Blatchley III, a professor of environmental and ecological engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. He specializes in research on how chlorine in swimming pools reacts with contaminants such as human body fluids, medicines and personal care products. "There are no data to show how the coronavirus responds to chlorine, but we do know that chlorine effectively inactivates similar viruses," Blatchley said in a university news release. "In the U.S., the general guidance for keeping pools properly disinfected is maintaining a free chlorine concentration between 1 and 5 milligrams per liter. If a pool has that concentration, there would be very little infective novel coronavirus in the water," he explained. However, the air around an indoor pool is likely "to pose similar risks of coronavirus spread as other indoor spaces," he pointed out. "A person's risk would not be affected by the water. The most relevant issue would be contamination of the air or surfaces in these facilities," said Blatchley, who has studied pool water treatment and chemistry for more than 20 years (By Robert Predit at HealthDay News on 5/23/2020)

Please see the bleow Summer 2020 Swim Camp Program Information as well as Aquaracers Swim Club & Palisades Swim Club Facility Safety Plan

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Head Coach Michael Park