AQRC Return-To-Pool for September 2020


August 29th, 2020

Aquaracers Swim Club

334 Route 9W, Suite B424, Palisades, NY 10964


Dear Aquaracers Families,

As the summer winds down, I wanted to share some important updates with our club members. Beginning on September 8th (Tue), Aquaracers Swim Club will be swimming at Palisades Swim Club where we have swam this summer. Due to the uncertainty of indoor pool time after September, we have decided not to take session-base registration until we have more information from indoor pool facilities but will take Monthly-base registration for September. 

Under this circumstance, we are going to run “A New-Format September Swim Program” not only to comply with CDC Safety guideline but also to give swimmers challenge with self-motivation. The New September Program offers the best combination of team sport and individual challenge with an emphasis on basic team experience. Our focus is on skill development & Improvement, positive values, and competitive experiences. Swimmers will have the opportunity to refine the all four major strokes and may compete in a couple of swim meets. Practices focus on time record management, endurance training, strokes improvement

The updated September practice schedule is attached and will be posted on our website as well. In order to get us off to a good start again in September, I ask you to keep in your mind the safety guidelines* we have to put together

Please see the attached September 2020 Swim Program Information as well as Aquaracers Swim Club & Palisades Swim Club Facility Safety Plan


Aquaracers Swim Club


Head Coach Michael Park