Aquaracers Swim Club was founded with the purpose of promoting physical health in children and nurturing their aptitude for swimming. Combining the teaching methods of both the U.S. and Korea, our program has the merits of both methods and hence creates significant synergies. The program consists of a series of usually 9-10 weeks sessions and each week’s lesson is designed to attain a specific goal. Our coaches have the expertise and experience that no other swim club can match. For further information, please refer to the following ;


A. Classes

  1. The length of each session varies depending on the facility in which the swim lessons are held. Evaluations are usually conducted 2 weeks before the session ends.  
  2. There are 6 levels' classes and each level is characterized by its distinct color for the swim cap. Each week’s lesson is designed to reach a specific goal. So please do not skip lessons.
  3. Please wear the designated AQUARACERS swim cap according to the level at all times during the swim lesson.
  4. Please arrive 15 minutes early and be ready and in your swimsuit 5 minutes before the class starts.
  5. The duration of each class is 60 minutes. The maximum number of students for each class is up to 6~7 (It depends on Level). However, there can be more than 7 people occasionally due to make-up classes or tryout.
  6. If you, the parent, need to communicate with your particular swim coach please do so before or after class only. We don’t allow interruptions of this nature once class commences.  
  7. Evaluations are conducted by the head coach and instructor following a preset evaluation guide.
  8. Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis with PAYMENT ONLY as long as there is a spot available.


B. Make up class, Rescheduling, Refunds

B-1. Makeups

  1. Due to our weekly pre-set program, Aquaracers’ classes will proceed with the program regardless of the individuals’ absence.  
  2. Please contact us 2 days or even sooner prior to your known absence by e-mail ONLY ( in case you cannot come to your designated class in order to verify your absence and arrange make-up. 
  3. A same day notification of absence will forfeit the privilege of a makeup. *exceptions apply
  4. Make-up classes are possible throughout the session, but are limited to be scheduled in a facility that has space available for the makeups
  5. Limit of makeups per session is only 1 time due to personal matter (e.g vacation, conflict in schedule, and/or unforeseen events). Make-up classes are scheduled within the current session within the max limit of 1. **An exception is made if there are facility related cancelations or weather-related.  
  6. Once a make-up has been scheduled, it may NOT be rescheduled. ***exceptions apply
  7. It is the members’ responsibility to email Aquaracers and arrange the makeups for missed classes. Any missed classes over the max limit will not be rolled over to the next session or be carried over to any other session thereafter.
  8. Any pending makeups from a prior session will not be used as credit to enroll in any future sessions.  
  9. Pending makeups within the max limit may not be rolled over for more than two sessions. If makeups are not completed within the current enrolled session or the next following session with continuous enrollment they will not be honored thereafter

​       * EXCEPTIONS to (B-1-3) 

  • In case of illness, injury, and/or unforeseen events the “same day” rule of notification does not apply. However, it must be still notified by e-mail prior to your class start time and not AFTER.
  • Cancellations due to weather or facilities matters does not apply to the above rule of notification from the parent unless we are still having lessons and the parent chooses not to attend.  


       ** EXCEPTIONS to (B-1-5)

  • Sudden cancellation due to weather conditions or facility issues.

       *** EXCEPTIONS to (B-1-6)

  • If and only when member still insists on requesting a makeup to be rescheduled for any reason a $30 surcharge will be collected before the date of the makeup class.


B-2. Refunds

  1. You get merely 50% refund of lesson fees only if you cancel before the session starts, No refunds after first class day and have taken classes. Aquaracers understands each situation is unique and election to make a different offer in one case does not create the obligation to do so in another.
  2. Credits are given if and only when there is a prolonged injury or illness with a physician’s note stating swimming is not allowed with specified dates. Credits are good for one year from the date issued as long as member enrolls in a new session.


C. Membership Fee, Lesson Fee, Discounts

  • Membership fee for both annual and session is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Membership fee is due at the registration period of each session. One Session Membership fee is $30 per Session per Swimmer and Annual Membership is $120 per family.
  • The membership fee covers the costs for registration, evaluation, swim caps and etc.
  • The lesson fee is due at the time of registration of each session in full.  
  • If you register while the session is in progress, you will only pay for the remaining classes in the session with the full membership fee.  
  • Family discounts and group discounts are available for new first time members only. The group discount will apply only if registered within two weeks of each other.
  • Group discounts are available for 5 or more people. You get a 50% discount on the membership fee for the first registration. (Group members do not need to be in the same level, time or location to get the discounts)


D. Others

  • Priority registration is given to continuing members.
  • We provide the swim cap for registered members according to their class level; if a swimmer gets promoted during the session a new swim cap will not be given until the beginning of a new session. A $15 fee is charged for torn and/or lost swim caps.
  • If you are a new member, please fill out the application form to register. If you are a continuing member, please fill out the re-enrollment registration form for your next session.
  • We have a separate registration period for continuing members. The remaining spots after the registration of continuing members are made available to new members.
  • For any other inquiries, please email For further information it can be found on the club website