Our swim club and team is open to all, it is not only limited to Koreans. Our goal is to expand our club and team around the whole country. We are aiming at developing and improving individual swimmers skills and physical condition for life.

USA Swimming Coach

Our coaching staff has experience from coaching other swim teams in the past in which they have won many meets and hold many records. They have joined our club to help us become one of New Jersey's elite swim teams.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross around the United States provides classes to educate individuals in lifeguard, CPR, AED, first aid, and water safety training. Our staff has been certified under the American Red Cross program. They are ready to ensure the safety of you and your children and to teach superior swimming techniques.


Michael Park

  • USA Swimming, Certified Coach (2012)
  • American Swimming Coaches Association, Certified Level 3 Coach (2012)
  • American Red Cross, Certified Water Safety Instructor (... more