Are you looking to improve your swimming skills?

NY & NJ’s premier swimming club, Aquaracers Swim Club ("AQRC") has developed a new effective and systematic program for everyday swimming skills. Combining the teaching methods and both the U.S. and Korea, our program has the merits of both methods and hence creates significant synergies. The program was developed because we wanted to introduce our new teaching and coaching styles around the United States as a professional swim club and team.

The superior coaching staff has been trained by USA Swimming Association professionals and Red Cross professionals. AQRC provide a new and diverse swimming education as well as coaching to our members, including children in kindergarten all the way up to students in high school and well beyond to the parents.

Our intent is to provide superior swimming instruction to our students and members compared to the other swim clubs or teams. AQRC is open to all, it is not only limited to Koreans. Our goal is to expand our club and team around the whole country. We are aiming at developing and improving individual swimmers' skills and physical condition for life.

Come and explore Aquaracers !!


Head Coach, Michael Park